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Track your finances

Track your income, expenses and generate tax ready financial reports. View deeper insights on your finance with tips to maximise your earnings.

Timetracking for freelancers

Single touch time tracking with real-time view on how many hours you have worked for your client. Track billable hours and automatically generate time-based invoice to client. 

Project management for freelancers

Gignition combines the best of project management tools out there. You can plan, organise and review your project, including colloboration with your clients and other freelancers.

Manage your clients

Keep track your leads, clients and all important information like contact, project contract, estimates, income and more.

Segment your contacts easily


Analytics that help you improve

Tasks and Todo that automatically update

Made to power your Gig

Built with more moduls and awesome features 

Manage all your tasks with different view (Kanban, Calende) and share client view 


IM with your client and other freelancers and work together


Create sales pipelines visually and setup automations.

Easily integrate with Slack, Google and other powerful tools

Prepare estimates and share projects contracts with your clients

Provide secure and exclusive access to client. Your client can view project updates in real-time. 

“This is an awesome tool, I was struggling to manage my gigs and was using excel. Gignition is truly a comprehensive tool for me .”

Tim Burns

Freelancer Designer

“Always wanted a platform like this. Now I can manage my projects, track time and monitor my finances at one place”

Nancy Rehane

Freelancer Web Developer

“The ability to work with client and other freelancers is amazing. The tool has 2x my efficiency to offer great services”

Mike Danton

Content marketer

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